The super smart, safe home batteries for any home, hotel or business

Buy and sell electricity at the right time with a positive result or peakshaving needed due to power provider limits or just storage of solar energy for use at a later time ? It is all possible with your own professional home battery or industrial solution. No obscure socket solution on unclear phase but a solid 3 phase system. Emergency power for whole house or company possible. Works with and without panels and with your own choice of EMS options. Simple or with circuits of EV poles, panels, heat pumps etc.. Lease and Buy possible!

Calculate in the shop the right set that suits your situation by selecting your average annual consumption without feed-in at the top.

Automated trading 

Blauhoff Home or Maxus charges and discharges your battery at the right time or. The Ai-controlled PowerLan App or solar gateway controls everything. You don't have to do anything for this.

LFP Batteries & Safety

Blauhoff batteries meet the strict requirements of Nationale Nederlande and in this way distinguish themselves from all kinds of online providers.

Installation included

Home and SME includes installation by our certified electricians. How convenient! For larger Maxus systems, we customize prices for you. 

Warranty for 10 years

Or 6,000-8000 cycles on your battery capacity. After this number of years and cycles, your battery has 80% of capacity left. 6000-8000 cylcis are based on completely full and empty. If you have that once a day that equals 16.43 or 21.92 years. So the actual life of a pure battery will go towards 30 years with an estimated 40% of capacity left.

 Modular design

The Blauhoff Home consists of individual modules from 5.12 KWh for households or SMEs, and the Maxus consists of modules from 96kWh to 258kWh for larger installations. Want more capacity later? Then simply add a battery, small or large no problem.

Works with and without solar panels

With or without solar panels, you benefit from Blauhoff Home & Maxus' smart battery control. Also, if desired, we can turn the panels on and off when the current is negative and battery full.

Blauhoff Home & Maxus - intelligent & modular home battery and/or industrial solution

With many different variants to choose from, you have the ideal battery for your home and/or business which can be inexpensively expanded by 5.12 kWh each time. Note the higher the value of the inverter the faster you can charge and discharge power. 10K is most sold and the largest possible at 3 phases 25A in your home.

Blauhoff, your own energy a nice feeling !

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