Industrial energy storage systems

In addition to solutions for your home, Blauhoff also has energy solutions for hotels, agriculture and horticulture,
industry, transportation, government and SMEs. From 40kWh to 12 megawatts it's all possible because of the modular system. The larger Energy storage systems are all liquid cooled so the performance and lifetime of the cells is greater and longer than air cooled installations. Blauhoff works with installation partners throughout the country and can relieve you of all your worries.

Business energy storage may be necessary due to peakshaving, emergency power, virtual recharging and or not being allowed to feed back to the grid in your area.

Operating commercial energy storage solutions is also possible with Blauhoff's EMS that allows you to trade on the imbalance and dynamic energy market . Lease and Buy possible !

Warranty for 10 years

Or 8,000 cycles on your battery capacity. After this number of years and cycles, your battery has 70% of capacity left. 8,000 cycles are based on completely full and empty. If you have that once a day that is equal to 21.92 years. The actual life of a pure battery will therefore go towards 30 years with an estimated 40% of capacity left.

Modular design

The Blauhoff Maxus Series consists of individual modules of 285 KWh/ 385 kWh / 3.85 mW. Want more capacity later? Then simply add a battery. The system is modular and parallel and can be expanded as desired,

Works with and without solar panels

With or without solar panels you benefit from Blauhoff Maxus' smart battery control. Our EMS works with own choice energy supplier, dynamic or on imbalance market. Your own free choice !

Blauhoff MAXUS 125K/258kWh All In One Battery

- Easy and fast assembly: 3-4 hours
- Moveable with a forklift
 Parallel switch up to 30 units (7.7 megawatts)

Applications & Features
- Peakshaving
- Virtual aggravation power connection
- Storage dynamic power (buy and sell)
- Power-backup function
- Extended EMS (or API link)

Blauhoff mobile electric generator 50k/100kWh

- For rent and for sale
- 9 retractable solar panels
- Output and input connections
- Battery type: LiFePO4 (LFP)
- Dimensions (LXBXH): 4520x2000x2700
- Battery capacity: 100kWh
- Power: 50kW
- Input capacity: 400V/32A/63A


Blauhoff Maxus Storage Only 385Kwh Energy 

Fully integrated ESS for easy transport and O&M. Can be adapted with many major brands of inverters (somotec) and used as compact battery storage.

Blauhoff BLH-385kWh-Maxus, is an industrial ESS storage cabinet with liquid cooling, is integrated with battery, BMS, thermal management, power distribution, fire protection, etc.



 20Ft Container 3.85 mW

Blauhoff Megapack Container ESS 3.85 is a turnkey battery system in a 20 Foot small container. Easy to install and low maintenance

Larger cells , many kWh therefore 50% stronger than regular solutions and more compact Improved Efficiency. Based on 1500V platform, the DC side has an efficiency of 93%

C4H standard anti corrosion container has a service life of at least 15 years. Safe

Mutiple balancing ensures safe and long battery life. Integrated gas and water extinguishers provide safety under extreme conditions. Smart

Icloud AI real-time monitoring


Automated trading

Blauhoff Home or Maxus EMS charges and discharges your battery at the right time or. The Ai-controlled PowerLan App takes care of everything. You don't have to do anything for this. Works on the dynamic market and imbalance market. 


The batteries can be linked making it easy to expand later. This can be up to 7 Megawatts

Installation possible by our installers

We can handle the installation for you with our certified electricians. How convenient!

Blauhoff, your own energy a nice feeling !

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