Blauhoff Maxus IP65 Outdoor Installation 12K/62kWh

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Blauhoff Maxus IP65 Outdoor Installation 12K/62kWh

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The Blauhoff Maxus IP65 Outdoor 12K/62kWh is a powerful and robust energy storage system designed specifically for outdoor use. This system allows you to generate, store and use your own green energy, reducing your carbon footprint while enjoying reliable power. With a recommended average annual consumption of 22000 kWh, this system offers a sustainable and efficient solution for both households and small businesses. The generous capacity of 62 kWh allows you to store and utilize large amounts of solar energy when it is most beneficial. This allows you to reduce your dependence on the power grid and lower your energy costs.

The system is equipped with emergency power, allowing you to continue to enjoy electricity even during power outages. This offers peace of mind and ensures that you will never be without power, even in emergency situations.

The Blauhoff Maxus features generator and wind turbine ports, giving you the ability to integrate alternative energy sources and further diversify your own green energy generation. This makes the system flexible and adaptable to your specific energy needs and environmental conditions.

With an output of 12 kW, the Blauhoff Maxus is capable of powering your home appliances and business equipment. Whether you want to light your home, use electrical appliances or support your business operations, this system provides the power and reliability you need.

The Blauhoff Maxus IP65 Outdoor System is designed with durability and protection in mind. The IP65 rating ensures that the system is resistant to dust and water, making it suitable for outdoor use in various climatic conditions. The rugged design also provides protection against mechanical stresses and other external influences, keeping your energy storage system safe.

Choose the Blauhoff Maxus IP65 Outdoor 12K/62kWh setup and experience the benefits of self-sufficient, green energy. With this system, you can reduce your ecological impact, save on energy costs and take a step toward a sustainable future. Rely on Blauhoff for high-quality and reliable energy storage systems that meet your needs.

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Dimensions156 × 130 × 80 cm
Recommended for average annual consumption



62 kWh

Emergency power


Generator / wind turbine port


Minimum connection



Phase 3