Blauhoff Maxus Ip65 Outdoor Installation 50k/135kWh

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Blauhoff Maxus Ip65 Outdoor Installation 50k/135kWh

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The Maxus IP65 Outdoor Storage System is a powerful and reliable energy storage system designed to meet the growing energy needs of households and businesses. With an impressive 138 kWh capacity, this system offers ample energy storage capabilities, allowing you to benefit from a sustainable and independent power supply.

This system is ideal for users with an average annual consumption of 40000 kWh, where it is recommended for both residential and commercial applications. Whether you have a large household or run a business, the Blauhoff Maxus offers the flexibility and reliability you need.

With the ability to provide emergency power, the Blauhoff Maxus ensures that important equipment continues to operate even during power outages. This gives you peace of mind and security in situations where a constant power supply is essential.

The Maxus is designed with compatibility in mind. The system features a generator and wind turbine port, giving you the ability to integrate alternative energy sources and generate and store even more green energy. This allows you to further reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your dependence on the power grid.

With an output of 50 kW, the Blauhoff Maxus is able to meet the high energy needs of both residential and commercial users. The minimum connection of 3x80A ensures stable and efficient system operation, while the 3-phase configuration ensures even load distribution.

The Blauhoff Maxus is designed with an IP65 rating, which means it is resistant to dust and water. This makes the system suitable for outdoor use and can be placed in various weather conditions without worry. The rugged construction ensures durability and long-term performance even in challenging environments.

Choose the Blauhoff Maxus IP65 Outdoor Set-up 50k/138kWh and enjoy a reliable and powerful solution for your energy storage needs. With this system, you can generate, store and use your own renewable energy, saving costs and contributing to a greener future. Rely on Blauhoff for high-quality energy storage solutions that provide you with reliable power when and where you need it.

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Dimensions214 × 205 × 80 cm
Recommended for average annual consumption



138 kWh

Emergency power


Generator / wind turbine port


Minimum connection



Phase 3


50 KW