Smart battery for everyone

Earn an average of €2 per day or more with your home battery, depending on peak and off-peak hours. Choose your power supplier freely without additional hub, app or subscription costs. Stay fully independent and take full advantage without depending on revenue model power or battery supplier, dynamic or on the imbalance market. From 5kWh to 7 megawatts ! Complete with emergency power and generator/windmill port. With MQTT coupling for integration into home automation systems including Homey, Loxone, Niko, Fibaro etc.. Our batteries have a 10-year warranty and insurance of then 80% capacity. Whereby the real life of pure battery will move around 30 years with then estimated capacity of 40%. Assuming 18000 cyclis completely full and empty. Lease and Buy possible ! Examples of possibilities for Blauhoff battery systems : Prevent panels from switching off, emergency power, peakshaven, place EV chargers where they normally can't, feed in when you want or switch off panels when power is negative, virtually increase your connection when there is a long waiting time at your provider etc.. 

Our batteries

The Blauhoff Home & Maxus system is connected to your Internet and, with the help of our powerful Ai PowerLan App, will choose your specified requirements of purchasing, storing and possibly selling or peakshaving your power each day. The batteries are LFP based which contain the safest and most widely used material and have all the fire safety certifications for the PSG37-1 namely UL9540 or UL9540A and the inverters have standard arc protection. Pay attention to that before you buy something, safety above all ! Also pay attention to CE approvals from genuine German bodies TUV or VDE and not from vague Chinese testers. NEN-EN-IEC 62619:2022 ,NEN-EN-IEC 61000-6-2、EN IEC 61000-6-4,NEN-EN-IEC 62933-5-2:2020 and or UL 9540A:2019 edition 4


Smart algorithm

With Blauhoff Home, your home battery is charged daily based on the lowest power price from power supplier of your own choice, dynamically or on imbalance market Of course, we also take into account your free excess power from your solar panels or can peakshare to relieve your main connection. All this with no monthly subscription fees and you are free to do what you want with your battery and are not tied to a power company !

Dynamic power contract or on the imbalance market.

All you need is a dynamic energy contract or contract on imbalance market. Here the prices of energy vary by the hour or even by the minute. Around noon, the next day's prices are announced.

It doesn't matter which company you choose and they can often be cancelled on a daily basis. So you are always independent and can use the cheapest electricity of the day or the imbalance market.

The possibilities:

There are two ways you can get started with smart home battery control.

Home battery Home or Maxus from Blauhoff with smart control

With the all-in-one Blauhoff package, you're ready to get started right away. We install it ourselves to take the worry off your hands. Enjoy a 10-year warranty on our batteries.
Have you become curious?

I have/want a home battery of other brand

At  you can buy house batteries of all brands, most of which we can also link to the dynamic contracts. We can also have these installed at your place for a flat fee of 750 euros if necessary. Curious about the possibilities?

New EV chargers for buses, trucks and fleet owners

Connect up to 8 chargers to our batteries.

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