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8 things to consider when buying a home battery
1. Is the battery system modular? Can you easily expand it to a larger capacity?2. How heavy (in kilograms) is a battery? Multiple small modules offer more flexibility. They are easier to move and install, and if one fails, the entire system does not have to be replaced immediately.3. Is the battery 'smart'? Can the battery determine when to charge and when not to charge? For example, based on weather forecasts, current (dynamic) energy tariffs and the usage pattern of your household. A 'dumb' battery will always charge immediately when more power is generated than consumed. It will have a shorter lifespan.4. Can the battery 'retrofit', communicate with existing inverters? Or must a new inverter be purchased that does cooperate with the battery?5. Smart home systems Can the battery communicate with 'smart home' systems?6. Warranty What about the warranty, is it through the provider or through the factory?7. Operation Is it possible to remotely control and view the battery? If so, what about the security of the data connection?8. Security Ask the supplier about the (safety) certification of the battery.

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