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Home batteries without VAT in 2024
VAT refund home battery According to various information on the internet, a Dutch private individual with a home battery who regularly buys energy cheaply and sells it at a higher price or uses it himself can in principle also reclaim the VAT on the purchase and installation of the home battery.There is a special agency that can arrange this for you.The costs for the VAT refund are € 99,- ex VAT (the € 20,79 VAT is also refunded by the tax office)( No cure no pay).What do you have to meet for the VAT refund on a home battery?The VAT on the purchase and installation of a home battery may be reclaimable, provided a number of conditions are met:A dynamic energy contract must be in place The dynamic energy contract is in the applicant's name Energy must be purchased favorably and sold more expensively The buyer meets the VAT testHow much VAT must be paid? VAT must also be remitted (usually once). The VAT remittance is calculated on the difference between the purchase and sales price of the electricity. We calculate the VAT to be paid on the basis of the estimated yield to be achieved. If someone has a battery installed on January 1, we calculate the payable VAT for the entire year at € 15,- per kWh battery capacity.What do they need for a VAT refund?We reclaim the VAT on the purchase and installation of your home battery. We take care of the registration, administration, VAT returns, exemption and refund. Within 6-8 months after the request, the tax authorities deposit the VAT back into your bank account. We also answer questions from the tax authorities. Finally, we claim the exemption (Small Business Administration) so that in the years after the VAT refund, you do not have to pay any more VAT and you are no longer 'bothered' by the tax authorities.VAT refund package The VAT refund is completely taken care of. Your personal situation is inventoried beforehand in order to get the VAT refund started properly. This phase is essential because otherwise the VAT refund can go wrong. Only after the file is complete will we contact the Tax Office to reclaim the VAT.See the button on our main page or use this link :https://de-centrale.nl/btw-teruggave-thuisbatterij/#:~:text=Thebtwonthepurchase,andlongersoldtobe

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