Blauhoff Maxus IP65 Outdoor installation 20K/62 kWh HV

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Blauhoff Maxus IP65 Outdoor installation 20K/62 kWh HV

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The Blauhoff Maxus IP65 Outdoor Setup 20K/62 kWh HV is a rugged and reliable energy storage system designed specifically for outdoor use. With the trusted Blauhoff brand, you are assured of quality and advanced performance. This system is recommended for households with an average annual consumption of 22000 kWh. With a capacity of 62 kWh, the system provides enough storage space to store and use energy when you need it most. This allows you to lower your energy costs while reducing your carbon footprint.

The Blauhoff Maxus IP65 Outdoor Set-up is equipped with an emergency power supply, allowing you to rely on a reliable power supply even during power outages. Important appliances and lighting can continue to work, allowing your daily activities to continue uninterrupted.

This system is compatible with generators and windmills, allowing you to take advantage of various renewable energy sources. With the generator/windmill port, you can easily connect other renewable energy sources, allowing you to increase your energy production and promote energy independence.

With an output of 30 kW, the Blauhoff Maxus IP65 Outdoor Installation can meet the energy needs of households with higher energy demands. With a minimum connection of 3x35A and a 3-phase configuration, the system is suitable for most existing electrical installations.

The IP65 rating of the outdoor unit ensures durability and protection against dust and water jets. This allows the system to withstand the challenging conditions of outdoor use and provides reliable performance even in harsh weather conditions.

With the Blauhoff Maxus IP65 Outdoor Setup 20K/62 kWh HV, you can benefit from an advanced and reliable energy storage solution. Whether it's to reduce your energy costs, increase your energy independence or contribute to a sustainable future, this system offers the performance and reliability you need.

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Dimensions156 × 130 × 80 cm
Recommended for average annual consumption



62 kWh

Emergency power


Generator / wind turbine port



20 KW

Minimum connection



Phase 3