Solar plan operation

Marcel Den Butter


Many people do not know this:

The Solar Plan battery allows you to trade on the imbalance market. That seems lucrative, but Solar Plan doesn't tell you that if the price is strongly positive (i.e. high) and you're just recharging your car or doing laundry, then that cost is also very high.

In addition: if your solar panels are producing heavily, the price may be more than one euro negative. If you are supplying back then, you are paying heavily for that. Solar plan then gives the fallacy that your battery is going to charge, but if your solar panels would not be producing, you could get a lot of power from the grid and earn from that. So you miss that if your solar panels are already taking up that space.

If you point it out to Solar Plan they lead you up the garden path by semi-assuring you that the solar power is optimally utilized. Which is therefore not true, as evidenced by what they said before.

Think and be well informed.

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