Grant for Barnevelders who want to invest in home battery to store solar energy

Published: July 8, 2023 at 13:39

Barneveld is going to encourage residents with subsidies to buy a home or neighborhood battery. This can be used to store sustainably generated energy from solar panels.

The municipality is going to include the purchase of the home battery in the rules for the Future-proof housing loan that Barnevelders can take out to make their homes more sustainable. "Energy storage is particularly important with solar energy because solar panels only provide energy during the day. Use of home storage reduces pressure on the electricity network," the city council responded early this year to an appeal by the VVD and ChristenUnie to include the home battery as a possibility with the sustainable loan.

Pressure on power grid 

Network operator Liander recently reported that there is great pressure on the electricity network in Barneveld. Due to voltage and capacity problems, all requests from large consumers for consumption and feed-in of renewable electricity can temporarily not be met. In the coming years, the network must be upgraded to solve the problems. Liander expects to complete the work in 2024.

Source: Amersfoort Editorial Board