Energy company Eneco launches dynamic energy contracts

Published: Sept. 4, 2023 at 11:18 a.m.

Energy company Eneco is also going to be the first of the major energy providers to offer dynamic contracts, with electricity rates changing hourly and natural gas at a different price daily.

The following reports The Telegraph today:

Start-ups already on the market

Eneco, with more than two million customers, is stepping ahead of Essent and Vattenfall in a market where start-ups have been operating with "day ahead pricing" for some time. Eneco's variable and fixed contracts also continue to exist alongside the dynamic contract.

Selina Thurer, head of customer organization at the Rotterdam energy company, explains the choice of the new contract to the newspaper: 

"Influenced by the energy crisis, we saw that many customers needed security. But a part wants to move with that price and take more risk." Research showed that more than 3 percent of customers want a dynamic contract.

During the energy crisis it was no longer possible to get a fixed energy contract, but now annual and three-year contracts are back on the market. 

Benefits and risks

With the dynamic price, which can be seen a day in advance, households can plan ahead for exactly when they can consume electricity and gas cheapest. 

One advantage is that a battery car can automatically charge at the most advantageous time through the app. But the Consumers Union previously warned That you have to be well prepared for price fluctuations. For example, the price may suddenly rise as well.

Source: rtlnews