My panels are tripping/My inverter is tripping

Why is the inverter on my solar panels failing?

The inverter of your solar panels turns itself off when the voltage in the house gets too high. Does it not do this? Then the inverter or other equipment in the house can break down. Especially on days with a lot of sun, a lot of power is generated at the same time. This generated power is often not consumed directly, but goes back into the grid. When this happens en masse, it can cause voltage anomalies on our grid and problems arise. If the voltage in your home or business returns to a normal level, the inverter (usually) switches back on by itself. It is wise to always check that the inverter is back on.

How can I prevent my inverter from failing?

It is very annoying when you cannot generate power and feed it back to the grid. At times when there is a lot of sunshine, it is important to consume power just then. This reduces the chance of the inverter failing. A battery from Blauhoff can help prevent this by delaying the moment of feed-in and selling expensive power at alter time of day.

What can you do on sunny days?

  • Run a wash;
  • Turn on the dishwasher;
  • Charge your electric car;
  • Turn on the air conditioning.
  • Charge your Blauhoff battery

There are also "smart" washing machines, dishwashers and charging stations these days. These can be set to turn on automatically when your solar panels generate (a lot of) power.

Are these tips not helping? Check if voltage problems in your area are causing your inverter problems.

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