Quit netting?

Despite the fact that the energy-saving scheme makes solar panels attractive, now even the companies that install them are in favor of phasing them out. "Clarity and predictability are most important," said the general director of Holland Solar. Because of the prevailing uncertainty, more and more people are waiting before purchasing panels. "What we feared is now happening" said the general director. Installers see turnover plummeting, and at least 25 companies already went bankrupt this year according to research by the Financieel Dagblad. "Balancing is perhaps the best incentive we have ever had" continued the director.

For years, the electricity grid acted as a very large battery for solar power that could not be used directly. Now that the electricity grid can no longer play that role, it is important to encourage other solutions for making use of sustainably generated electricity. A good form of storage is a home battery, storing leftover energy yourself at home and using it at a later time.

Source: fd.co.uk