Exceeding contracted capital

Dear Sir/Madam,

For a project in Apeldoorn, we are in the process of resolving a contracted power overrun.

We would like to do this with a battery. The overrun occurs only a few times a year.

The quarter-hourly values show that this is a short-term exceedance of 3 kW.

Do you also sell batteries with a small storage capacity (e.g. 20 kWh) that can briefly deliver 3 kW of power?

In addition, the battery must be controlled, when the total demanded capacity (measurement at the main connection) exceeds a certain value, the battery must step in to prevent a peak. When it falls below a certain value, it must be recharged from the grid.

I am curious about the possibilities and would love to hear from you!

Hi, indeed sits this standard with our products I will contact you !!! Greetings, Bas