Installing Blauhoff Home & Maxus System

Home batteries fit any type of home or business . Think detached homes, row houses, upstairs and downstairs homes, corner houses, barns & apartments. You don't necessarily need solar panels because your home battery with Blauhoff Home can also buy and sell power daily at the right time through a dynamic contract.

The ideal place for your home battery is a location where there is sufficient space. Consider the attic, hallway, basement, garage or technical room. Important is preferably not colder than 10 degrees and not hotter than 40 degrees. In apartments, it can also be placed in the stairwell, for this you do need approval from your VvE. Home batteries are of reasonable size, you can compare this with for example a tall refrigerator depending on the number of kWh's

Where to mount ?

Ideally, your home battery should be installed where there is sufficient space. Always keep in mind that on the left, right and top of the home battery & inverter about 30 cm of free space is needed. In addition, the wall where it is placed against or attached to must be made of a fire-resistant material such as stone. Should this not be present, it is always advisable to install a fireproof board. Although some home batteries can also be placed outside under a roof, we always recommend installing them inside in a dry place. It is important to note that your home battery requires a power cord to your meter box. 

Kabeltraction to the meter box 

Your home battery and inverter are usually placed in one place. A power cable is then always needed to the meter box. This may also be a clean, unused, group available in your home. Otherwise, a new cable route is laid. The Blauhoff installer can arrange this for you but will not dig or work in crawl spaces. That will require a quote in advance. This is not included in the price. Should your home battery be installed in the shed next to your home, a cable must be buried through the garden. In addition, an appropriate ground fault circuit breaker must be installed in the meter box, this forms a separate group for your home battery.

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