How to connect Blauhoff home batteries yourself to home assistant

Attached is information from an innovative client of ours 🙂 .

The installation assumes that MQTT is available.

1 Add Solarman integration via HACS,

2 add repository for Sunsynk add-on to HA,

3 use inverter driver solarman in config sunsynk add on. (see photo below),

Everything is available as an MQTT device, there are many tools to make the interface attractive.

by taking this step you skip the modbus cable and can use the logger

solarman integration can be found at

it now charges when the energy price in that hour falls below 20% of daytime maximum, or at the lowest time of day, and uses battery when energy price rises above 70% of daytime maximum based on the timeslots and power values entered into the inverter. nice toy 


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