BlauHoff home battery works with Homey Pro

What is Homey Pro?

Homey Pro is a Smart Home platform that lets you control all your smart devices from your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Blauhoff Homey supports a wide range of devices from different manufacturers, and recently we added support for BlauHoff hybrid inverters and batteries.

What can I do with Homey in combination with my BlauHoff inverter?


Once you have added your BlauHoff inverter to Homey, you will also have automatic access to real-time data from your inverter.

In addition to giving you real-time insight, Homey also keeps archives of this data, from which you can extract graphs.

Example of battery power for the last 24 hours.


Homey supports so-called Flows that allow certain tasks to be performed automatically. For example, you can have lights turn on when it gets dark or have the curtains open at a certain time.

For the BlauHoff inverters, there are also tasks that can be performed, such as the example below. 

In this example, the power price is monitored, when it drops below 0, the hybrid inverter is instructed to discharge the battery in order to sell energy at the most favorable time. 

Above is another example, where we want to prevent that when the charging station of an electric car is used, we stop the discharge of the battery for a while. In this way, you can avoid putting stored energy directly from the BlauHoff battery into the battery of your electric car.

What do I need?

To use BlauHoff's integration with Homey, you first need a Homey Pro device needed in your home. In addition, communication between the Homey and your BlauHoff inverter is via your Solarman Wifi stick**, which comes with your inverter.

Furthermore, it is necessary that you give your Solarman Wifi stick a static IP address in your own network. You can arrange this through your internet router provided by your provider.

And finally, you will need the serial number of your Solarman Wifi stick. This is printed on a sticker on your Wifi stick.

Where to find it.

The BlauHoff Homey app, for the Homey Pro, can be found here

** Currently, only Blauhoff SUN- *K SG01HP3 EU AM2 and the Blauhoff AF XK-TH Three Phase Hybrid Inverter are supported.

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